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In this post, I show you how to transform a raw Alias model of a Renault Clio car to make it look photorealistic thanks to Patchwork 3D and the Alias to P3D Bridge plugin.

  1. Before we begin, we need to install Alias, the Alias plugin, and Patchwork 3D. Then, activate the plugin in the Autodesk Alias plugin manager.
  2. We begin by preparing Patchwork 3D to receive the model via the scripting server: in the Scripting menu, we click on the Start the scripting server.
  3. Then we export the Alias model using the plugin: in the Alias menu File / Export, we use the Export to Patchwork 3D.
    In the export dialog, the icon with two small squares allows you to see the plugin settings if you want to configure the geometry and tessellation of your export to Patchwork 3D as well as the network settings.
  4. We launch the export and wait for the Alias export to take place, then switch to Patchwork 3D.
    With a few minutes of work in Shaper, adding lights, a studio environment, and cleaning up the Alias export, we switch to Matter to add CarPaint material. This will make the car’s paint looks more realistic. Then, add some reflection to make the chrome of the model more qualitative.
    We can continue to refine the model to our taste by adding some details. And that’s it!

Let us know if you want to try on your Alias model by replying below.

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