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In Accel VR, it is possible to synchronize the scene between multiple users.
To set up the synchronization, there are a few steps to prepare.

  1. First, when Accel VR is open go to the Settings tab (right sidebar).
  2. Then click this icon from the Peers accordion menu.
  3. Add a new remote trusted peer by clicking this icon at the bottom of the window.
  4. Configure the remote peer (remote computer) and set its IP/Port.
  5. You can then load a product in Accel VR on one of the computers, and click on the Connect to peers icon in the top toolbar to synchronize with other compute.
  6. The other users should do the same peers configuration and click on Connect to peers. When you are connected to a remote peer, you should see their status (Online, Offline) and color by collapsing the Peers accordion menu (right sidebar of Accel VR).

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