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Hi there,

Have you ever wanted to showcase the inner workings of your 3D creations in a visually stunning way? In the coming Patchwork 3D 2024, the exploded view animation feature will expose your models as never before!


Imagine this: You’ve meticulously crafted a detailed engine model. With exploded view animations, you’ll be able to create an engaging sequence where the engine seemingly disassembles, revealing its intricate components in a clear and dynamic way. This will be perfect for:


  • Technical demonstrations: showcase the inner workings of a product or device in a captivating manner.
  • Educational purposes: exploded view animations are a fantastic tool to explain complex assemblies in a way that’s easy to understand.
  • Eye-catching presentations: grab your audience’s attention with a unique and informative way to present your 3D models.


The exploded view animation of Patchwork 3D 2024 will be easy to create!  Just set a path with a simple on-screen vector. It defines your animation’s start point, direction, and final distance – that’s it!

We can’t wait for you to share your exploded view animations.

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