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Hi there,

The Unfolding Workshop gets significant UX improvements in the upcoming Patchwork 3D 2024!

  • Effortless Edits: Undo and redo changes to your UV map with ease, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience. No more worries about accidental mistakes!
  • Flexible Control: Gain complete control over your models! Add or remove surfaces to unfold seamlessly, tailoring the process to your exact needs.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Work smarter, not harder! Directly highlight specific surfaces in Shaper from the Unfolding Workshop, saving you valuable time and clicks.

Last but not least, Shaper remembers all your UV map edits as a single action, letting you undo everything you’ve done with one click.


We hope you enjoy these improvements!
Stay tuned for the next reveal of the Patchwork 2024 features.

Let us know if you have feedback and suggestions.

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