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In this new episode of our Lab Vulkan, we present the essential helper tools for 3D model editing within the context of our Vulkan-based 3D rendering engine. Helpers or gizmos are fundamental elements that allow displaying and interacting with 3D models by providing additional information and dedicated handles for specific manipulations.

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Here are the four helpers we have implemented:

– The reference frame represents the classic axes of the 3D world with the colors red, green, and blue. This visual representation is crucial for understanding the orientation and position of objects in space.

– The grid represents the location of the zero point on the Z-axis, or altitude. The grid is centered at the origin of the 3D world and establishes a zero level for the “ground” on which objects can be placed.

– Bounding boxes: Each surface of a 3D model is surrounded by a virtual parallelepiped box that delimits its extent along the three axes. This allows visualizing the boundaries of surfaces and gaining a better understanding of the space occupied by each object.

– The Bézier curve: This 3D curve is a powerful tool for representing camera paths or other animated objects.

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