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Hi everyone,

We’re pleased to announce that Accel VR Enterprise 2023 is officially out now.

Accel VR is a virtual reality software solution designed for the visualization of Digital Aspect Mockups at a 1:1 scale within various virtual reality environments, including headsets, Powerwalls, and CAVE systems. You can even remotely share a VR session between two instances of Accel VR!

Here are the new features


Configure easily

Easily and quickly configure the use of Accel VR using the Configuration wizard.

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Collaborate effortlessly

Easily and quickly set up a collaborative session using the Collaborative wizard.

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Facilitate your identification

Choose the color of the hands to facilitate your identification in a collaborative session.

Read more in episode 5



Experience free hands

Free your hands from traditional VR controllers to interact with your environment.



🙋To learn more about this release, reply to this topic or contact your Sales Manager🙋



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