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Controllers are unsuitable for #ergonomics studies: they ruin the interaction between hands and objects.

Episode 1
In this first step, we’re instrumenting an HTC VIVE headset with an Ultraleap Leap Motion controller to bring hands in the virtual world.


Episode 2

We now have the representation of our hands in the headset and tracked thanks to the Ultraleap Leap Motion controller.

We wire the interactions between the 3D model of the hands and the objects in the virtual world, for example opening this door “by hand”, triggering configuration changes and animations.


You mean we are still in virtue of HTC-vive?


It works with an ultra leap (ex Leap Motion) device that can be attached onto many kind of VR headsets, among which are the HTC Vive or the Oculus.


Episode 3

Problem of the previous step: the he phalanges and palms of the hands are not animated!

Let’s use the Ultraleap Leap Motion kinematics to animate the skeleton of the hands. The size of the VR hands matches the real ones.


Episode 4

Problem of the previous step: the 3D model of the hands is quite skeletal!

Let’s try to build a 3D model that’s a bit more embodied and still able to fit the size of the phalanges and palms.

What do you think of these #VR hands?


Episode 5

We now have a nice 3D model for hands.
Let’s add some color customization to suit your taste, and to get a better identification using collaborative sessions.

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