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Did you know that you can have a reflection of your model on the ground?

Lumiscaphe GT with a reflection on the ground – Copyright Z-Up Research

I’ll show you how to do it in this quick tip.

Here is my car prepared in Patchwork 3D. I need to have a floor that reflects my car while keeping my shadow that I simulated with a Matte material.

Lumiscaphe GT with shadow without a floor – Copyright Z-Up Research

In Shaper, via the Model menu, I create a geometric plane that I place under the Matte material plane.

I then switch to Matter.

I apply the Mirror material on the geometrical plane I’ve just created.

Mirror material parameters window

The parameters of the Mirror material are :

  • Reflection is a color channel that allows you to manage the color of the mirror as well as its reflection rate.
  • Transparency is an option that can be activated to manage the transparency rate of the mirror material as well as its refraction color
  • The inter-reflection color is a color channel that allows you to choose the reflection color of another mirror.
  • The outbound scene color allows you to choose the reflection color of the scene between black, background, or environment.

If I need to restrict the mirror reflection to certain surfaces. It is possible to assign a tag that will be used to filter the reflected surfaces to exclude, for example, an element of the scenery.

And there you go, the car is reflected on the ground.

Lumiscaphe GT with a reflection on the floor – Copyright Z-Up Research

If you want a hazy look as in the example, you just need to make a white mask to put as a sticker material on the mirror surface.

Black and white mask for hazy effect in transparency Sticker’s settings

Learn more about materials in the following documentation.

To review the basics of 3D Patchwork, you can find tutorial videos here.

Do you have more questions about mirrors? Ask us below.

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