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Hi! I am Saurav Ponkshe (Rubika ISD  Y5 student) and with the lessons we got from Luc Negre, I was able to achieve something very interesting on Patchwork.

With this, I was able to Create an Online Realtime Render for my Tesla Roadster which was modelled on Autodesk Alias.

After that, I was also able to experience the same in Augmented Reality which was amazing.

Below, I am attaching quick snippets of my process, a final render, link to the Online Realtime Render and the AR video.

Link for Online Realtime Model-

Link for AR-


Tesla Render   Tesla render 1

Tesla Render 2AR

Thank you!


Hi Saurav,

Good job!

Thank you for sharing with the community.

The Lumis 3D link you gave seems to be a private one or wrong. Can you edit your post to replace it with the “Public link” from the Share menu? I’m eager to see the product online 🙂


Hi Saurav, very nice job!

You went through the whole process and made the most out of your model, congrats! Neat rendering, controlled UV mapping and lighting, huge aspects and equipments diversity, animations :  your step by step explanation is clear and efficient.

And it’s just so cool to push the car in the street… test drive is the next step 😀

For that link issue (no big deal) just follow these steps, as shown in the image. You should get a public link, that you can share with us the very same way.

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Thank you for the appreciation.

I am posting the public link here-

I think this is the same link I had put on my post but it stopped working after the license of my online account expired.


Saurav Ponkshe


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