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Romaric BOUNY


A new project in Patchwork starts with an import, and some data preparation on the imported model. Some of these data preparation operations are always the same, and are very repetitive !
Why not automate it ??

With the python API available in Patchwork 3D, it is now possible to automate some of these operations.

In Patchwork 2022, a default implementation of optional automation is available. Just check the Post Import Options check box in the import dialog.

A new dialog opens at the end of the import operation :

You can choose to prepare lighting by computing a default sky lighting or activating the SSAO.

You can also choose to prepare your environment by creating a plane with a Matte material assigned in Matter, or by creating a dome with an environment material in Matter.

These options could evolve in future versions.


This window could also be customized for your own needs and processes :

  • You have the same standard camera hierarchy in all your databases ? it can be generated
  • You have the same standard organisation for aspect layers / configuration / material groups / […] in all your databases. It is also possible to generate it
  • Materials could be assigned automatically to geometries using some naming conventions
  • A lot of other automations are possible…

And you : what would you need to automate in your import process ?Tell us what you think about this.

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