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Hi there,

We’re excited to announce the Roughness in Mirror Materials feature in the upcoming Patchwork 3D 2024, scheduled for March 2024.

This groundbreaking feature empowers you to control light diffusion on mirror surfaces, unlocking the ability to create materials that mirror the world around us with unparalleled realism. Imagine a wet asphalt reflecting the cityscape, the gentle ripple of water on a car windshield, or a subtle graininess to a mirror surface for an authentic feel. Your imagination is the limit.

It will be possible to use dedicated textures as maps for the Diffuse, Reflection, and Bump layers, but to create the roughness in Mirror Materials you have to use the Reflection layer.

With roughness, you can control how much of a reflection is diffused. A higher roughness value will produce a more diffused reflection, while a lower roughness value will produce a more mirror-like reflection.


We hope you enjoy this new feature!

Stay tuned for the next reveal of the Patchwork 2024 features. 


Let us know if you have feedback and suggestions.

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