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Lumiscaphe announces the release of a free (beta) version of its Patchwork 3D software

Lumiscaphe announces the release of Patchwork 3D Community (beta), bringing the power of Patchwork 3D’s revolutionary real-time digital visualization technology to anyone passionate about design, virtual modeling, digital prototyping, and visualization.

Patchwork 3D is a mission-critical tool used by designers, engineers and marketing specialists at many of the world’s best-known brands and industrial design companies. With this release, Lumiscaphe is bringing to the public the tools those professionals value the most.

Real-time 3D Rendering: In real-time, edit materials, adjust lighting, create HDR environments, and add post-process effects for breathtaking images.

Photo-realistic materials: Craft photo-realistic materials with our simple and non-destructive workflow.  Multiple layers, textures, and patterns create stunning materials that can be reused on any surface or model.

Unfolding Workshop: A Lumiscaphe original,  with on click complicated UVs are unfolded making texturing complex objects a breeze.

Aspect Layers: Another Lumiscaphe original, create combinations of materials, lighting, and comments into an unlimited number of configurations to explore design possibilities or create unforgettable 3D presentations and movies.

Patchwork 3D Community is free for non-commercial use. Now design and engineering students, digital artists, and hobbyists can enjoy Patchwork 3D’s power and ease of use without limit. As a beta version, community members will be able to contribute to the platform’s development by sharing their ideas and comments.

Releasing April 22nd, 2020, Patchwork 3D Community 2020.1 beta will be available for download on

Details of Patchwork 3D Community can be found at

The Patchwork 3D Community media kit can be found here: Patchwork 3D Community Media Kit 

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