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The 2021.1 software suite is now available!

This release unveils significant improvements to Patchwork 3D and Accel VR, optimizing the user experience.

Read more on these new features below:


Patchwork 3D


AxF CPA Color Edition

This is a major evolution of the new Patchwork 3D update. We worked on the improvement of the integration of Xrite AxF CarPaint materials enabling the color edition. This improvement will allow the user to create CarPaint variants from a single AxF file.


Stitching Workshop

The 2020.1 Patchwork 3D feature has been improved with a new parameter that allows the user to control the width precision of the generated strip. This tool allows a better fit of the underlying surface, even with high curvatures.


Environment material support in Iray

To improve the matching between OpenGL and Iray render engines in Patchwork 3D, we worked on supporting Environment material in Iray. Actually, we can make a good projection of the environment on the geometries of the decor.

As this feature is still experimental it won’t be activated by default in the Iray settings of Patchwork 3D. You can check this article in our forum to stay updated with the progression of this feature.


                  Open GL Rendering                                                                                                Iray Rendering



Gizmos to move the cameras

In this new version of Patchwork 3D, we developed a feature expected by a lot of users: cameras can be visualized and edited directly in the 3D scene.

You can see at a glance all your cameras with their name. Just pick a camera or its target, and edit it with translation and rotation gizmo.

No more need to edit 3D coordinates to set up your cameras.

Cameras are visible in Shaper and Matter. And all cameras can be hidden with one click from the camera editor.



Export layers as PNG files

With Patchwork 3D 2021.1 it will be possible to export multi-layers snapshots and videos in separated files in .png.


Screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO), useful for animation and rich configurations

This module will allow more realistic shadow rendering during configurations or animations making the customer experience more realistic during a presentation.


                      Without any lightning                                                                                            With SSAO




Database size reduction

In version 2021.1, we’ve improved the “Save and Clean” feature, to get an even lighter database.

A new option is also available to choose between keeping or cleaning up the rendering cache.

Cleaning up the cache leads to the lightest file possible for this database.

Keeping the cache improves Patchwork 3D speed at start-up.


Want to try these improvements? Download the new Patchwork 3D Community 2021.1 version. If your company runs with the Enterprise version of Patchwork 3D, you can access the release update by contacting your account manager or through our support team.


Accel VR


Intersections display

A new feature is arriving in this new version of Accel VR.

It is now possible to display intersections between products of the scene.

Two algorithms are available :

  • Display intersections between surfaces: The intersection lines between surfaces are displayed in color
  • Display intersections between the surfaces of one product and the volume of the second product: The surfaces of the first product inside the volume of the second one are displayed in color. The surfaces of the second product should represent a closed volume to make it work.


New settings panel

In Accel VR, we have worked on a new Settings panel, merging every individual tool settings panel of previous versions.

All settings are now available from the same panel, leading to easier parameter research and a better user experience.

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