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Kevin GINO


We all know that creating an environment is necessary to make your 3D model looks even more real!

Below, you will find a small tutorial to help you create the desired scene.



A lighting environment is an omnidirectional image (360×360 degrees) that memorizes the incident lighting at a particular point in space.
Let’s see how to manage the environment of a scene.
You can access default environments in the external library of Matter, in the Environment icon. You can apply these to the scene by doing a simple drag and drop.


You can also import your own environments (.kev, .hdr, or .exr files) in the internal library of Matter.


When assigning an environment to a product, by default, it will be visible in the reflection, but not in the background. For example in this image, the Bdx_warehouse_2k.kev environment from the external library was applied to the scene.


To make the environment visible in the background, we need to create geometry on which we can apply the environment material. So in Shaper, we can start by creating a simple hemisphere, big enough to contain the object.


If we go back to Matter, we can now see that the background is white, with some slight reflection of the environment. We now need to apply an environment material to the hemisphere, either by going to the external material library, in Misc or by creating an environment material directly in the internal library.


Often, when assigning an environment to a product, the background may be blurred.


To remove blur on the background, we have to open the Environment Properties, by double-clicking on the active environment.


In the Environment Properties, there are two ways to remove blur on the background. You can set a higher background resolution, or you can import an Alternative Background Map in jpg format so that it has a smaller effect on performance.


You now have a better background for the scene.


In the Environment Properties editor, you can also modify the exposure and resolution parameters for the diffuse, the specular, and the background of the environment.

The environment is not blurred anymore in the background, but there is a deformation. This is because it was applied to a hemisphere. To get better results, the geometry must be created specifically for each environment.


With this geometry that was created in Shaper, it’s now possible to have no deformations of the environment.


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