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In this topic, we are going to see how to create stitches in Patchwork 3D.



You can create stitches without having to model a strip of geometry. Let’s see how to achieve these results.


First, go to Shaper and select the geometry on which you want to create stitches.


Then open the Unfolding Workshop, either by clicking the button or by pressing Shift + U.


You can create multiple UV sets for the same geometry.


The base material can only be applied to the UV00, so let’s create a UV for it using the “follow boundary” technique.


You can then create other UV sets by changing the displayed UV.


Using the multi-constraint technique allows you to put markers on the object to define the UV’s shape. You can draw the curve that the stitches will follow.


Back to Matter, let’s create a material for the stitches. It’s a simple standard material with a texture that is used for the color map and the transparency, with a bit of bump.


You can also repeat the label in U or V. This is what we use to repeat the texture of the stitches.


The base material will always be on UV00, but Labels can be applied on any UV set. When applying a label on a surface, it will ask on which uvw dressing you want to put the label.


In this image, the stitches material is applied on dressing uvw 00 and dressing uvw 02. The material repetition combined with the multi UV feature, allows you to create stitches quickly and with more control and customization, without a strip of geometry.


It’s possible to do more complex stitches as well, quickly, with nice results.

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