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In this version, we have added significant improvements that optimize the user experience.

⬇️Here is a list of them⬇️


Workspaces and Toolbar customization

You have now the possibility to customize the Patchwork 3D user interface by reorganizing the toolbars according to your needs. Each toolbar organization can be saved in a different layout called a “Workspace”.
More details here


User experience improvements on lists

It is now possible to change the state of several elements of a list by clicking and dragging.
More details here


Live mode improvements

The live mode has been improved for better usage. You can now make a review of your product, exploring configurations, animations, and cameras.
More details here


New eyedropper tool for the color chooser

It is now possible to take a color inside or outside of Patchwork 3D.
More details here


Multiple external libraries in Matter

You can add a personal library with your own content or add another shared on the network with your collaborators.
More details here


Post import automation

You can request to automatically create a scene with lighting and environment after importing a CAD file.
More details here


Aspect Layer Locking

You can choose to lock an aspect layer that has been finished, to prevent unexpected modifications.
More details here


Linking layers modifications to configurations

Helper tools let you easily rename the configuration symbol to match the rule’s name or rename the configuration rule and symbol to match the configured layer’s name.
More details here


Real-time sun soft shadows for Iray

It is now possible to get soft shadows with Real-Time Sun in Iray.
More details here


Scripting API improvements

This version brings new functions to improve P3D Data API covering.
More details here


🙋To learn more about this release, reach your Sales Manager or contact us🙋

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