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Hi there,

Exciting news to share! Patchwork 3D is getting an upgrade and is all set to launch in March with some amazing new features. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Patchwork 3D 2024 splash screen



  • Mirror materials now have diffuse, specular, and bump layers. Their light diffusion can be set with the Roughness Map. Read more…
  • All materials that support textures can now be animated with video textures.


UX improvements

  • Several changes to the Unfolding Workshop UI for more efficiency. Read more…
  • Saving Reminder to ensure that your work is never lost. Read more…
  • New Quick Save function, same as Save functionality but much faster. Read more…


New plugin tools

We added new plugin tools available with direct buttons in the default workspace:

  • Add env hemisphere
  • Add lighted matte plane
  • Generate exploded view animation


Python SDK & Scripting API
The following features of Patchwork 3D are now accessible for Python scripts:

  • Stitch / Split API
  • Stickers API
  • Import/export Postprocess API



All of the importers have been updated with the latest version of the third-party CAD software. Read more…


We hope you enjoy these new features!

Let us know if you have feedback and suggestions.

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